My New Year's Resolution for 2015 was to write down (to the best of my ability) every time I saw or experienced an act of kindness from a stranger.  I briefly began keeping a list in the summer of 2013 but, unfortunately, my impulse to document these happenings was short-lived (sadly).

I found this original list over Christmas break and was inspired to start it back up again.  

I'm a few weeks late on this but, better late than never!

So here we go! In the past week, I have had pleasing encounters with: 

1. A Devoted FedEx Employee: Little did I know when I rushed into FedEx to ship a customer’s order that I would meet one of the sweetest women in the whole entire world.  I connected with this woman.  In probably all of 7 minutes we talked about life, career decisions, regret, bravery and knowing you have a purpose in this world.  And she also triple-checked the address to which I was shipping.  My heart warms at this level of customer service.  

2. A flustered lady from New Mexico: Houston traffic is horrendous.  It is where all of happiness goes to suffer and die.  I don’t even recognize myself on the freeway truth be told.  I am not normally one to engage in conflict, but when I’m in rush hour, let me tell you, my hand is all over that horn.  Houston traffic does this to even the best of us.  

Anyways, the other day I was stuck in traffic on 6-10 and this lady in a white van with an out of state license plate had her blinker on to get into my lane.  When I first got my license, I was a soft-heated little fool who would let anyone and everyone into my lane.  I used to get so livid and straight up crazy when people did not offer a courtesy wave when I would do so.  (In truth, I still do.) But nearly a decade of driving on the ruthless streets of Houston will do strange things to you.  I seldom let down my guard and voluntarily let anyone into my lane anymore.  Maybe this makes me a bad person, I don’t know…I am still grappling with this.

However, something was different on that day.  Perhaps it was her frantic demeanor and pleading eyes, maybe it was the fact that the New Mexico license plate is probably my favorite, but I let out a soft little sigh and decided what the hay, I’ll give this lady a break.  I wasn’t expecting any gesture of gratitude.  After all, life on 6-10 had taught me to expect none. But this lady defied my expectations.  Not only did she wave at me from inside her car as she moved over into my lane, but when she had done so, she rolled down her window, stuck her multi bracelet-clad arm out the window and started emphatically waving her hand again!  I just stared at her dumbstruck.  Was this really happening? 

I can’t even tell you how touched I was, especially given the fact that this was rush hour and she sort of ran the risk of having her protruding bedazzled arm hit by an oncoming vehicle.  This woman, this stranger from New Mexico, was a hero.  May her life be richly blessed for the goodness she showed me on that afternoon.

I’m aware this was a rather small occurrence but it truly changed my freeway-driving attitude.  There is good in this world after all and life lessons to be learned always. 

In conclusion, whether on the freeway or shipping a package, you never know where goodness and kindness will find you.  Hopefully I’ll have more to write about in the very near future!